eCable TV

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My Role: Visual Design & Research

African live television

eCable is a free platform to watch African channels on mobile or tablet and on the go.

The premium package gives you access to of over 200 channels with exclusive content in different categories including soaps, dramas, telenovelas,  movies and live news broadcast.

Project goals

Pain points

The biggest challenge is that eCable does way more than what can be covered in one go. The eCable app would benefit from a new user interface design and an improved user experience so that it can to speak clearly to its particular audiences.

Become an established brand in the African community and market

Increase amount of new customers and create a loyal customer base

Establish trust and credibility through excellent service

Improve the user experience of discovering channels and adding favourites

Simplified registration process by offering a faster alternative – external accounts.

Customer interviews

Market research analysis


Customer journey

Prototype testing

Research methods

Core customer needs

Without an established brand presence, eCable partnered with Nollywood Movies. Customers from the Nollywood reached out. We gained insights on their needs frustrations that would help shape the app solution.

Login via email

Simplify sign-up forms

One way to increase security, while keeping things convenient for users is to have them logging in with email addresses instead of having them create a username.

Most people do not enjoy filling out forms, so by making registration quick, we are showing our users we understand what annoys them and respect their time.