Nolly Awards

It's not just an award

My Role: Graphic Designer 

The Nollys

Formerly the Nollywood Movies Awards, is an annual Nigerian film award.

The Nolly Awards is an off shoot of the Nollywood Movies channel in the UK. The Nolly Awards celebrate excellence, outstanding achievement, promise and diversity in the Nigerian Film Industry. 

The info graph timeline can describe the Nollywood industry in simplicity.


The Brand Identity

The Nolly Awards brand is more than just a logo. It is a design scheme made up of a number of core elements and guiding principles that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that is immediately recognisable as the Nolly Awards.

Brand communication

The guidelines

These guidelines are used to make the Nolly Awards Brand look consistent across all marketing and communication material both internal and external.

This guide will help to familiarise partners and marketeers with the core brand elements to assist them in designing and producing dynamic and powerful communications with a degree of flexibility.


The logo reveal

A video teaser to show the refreshed logo.

Social Media

Keeping fans up to date

The new logo made it easier to come up with creative ways to showcase and recap on the past awards ceremonies.