Nollywood Movies

Bringing Nollywood
to everyone

My Role: Design Lead

For millions of Africans, Nollywood needs no introduction. For everybody else, Hollywood, Bollywood then...

Established in 2008, Nollywood Movies was on Sky channel 329 and Virgin Media 835. Transmitting 7 days a week and 24 hours a day showing over 30 Nigerian movies monthly from across various genres.


Brand Identity

Rethinking Nollywood

The task was to design a brand identity for Nollywood Movies that reflects the beautiful, authentic and elegant nature of the African cinematography industry.

After plenty of experimentation, we settled on a clean and bold — with the modern look and feel of the updated logo creating a distinct aesthetic, reflection of new content strategy & creative ambition — keeping the film and television looking fresh.

From print to digital

Dynamic and interactive​, a logo for all contexts

The logotype is designed for use in both print and digital, with abstract variations depending on context allowing us to bring in a new line of in-house brands to diversify service offering.

The new identity has made Nollywood Movies’ social media and marketing design much more efficient and allows greater creativity, saving time while gaining new fans on a daily basis.